On Film Resolution and SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA’s Digital Update

5 thoughts on “On Film Resolution and SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA’s Digital Update”

    1. Thanks! The subject of the approximate resolution of film is a tricky one because there’s no absolute and the numbers tend to shift depending on which side of the argument people are on. The main reason I went for the resolution angle here is that the numbers (flawed as they may be) offer a more objective point of reference than the arguably more important issues of color and contrast.

  1. I can’t find any examples of an 8K projector that’s actually available, even to Disney.

    It sounds like NHK in Japan has prototypes, do you think that’s what is being used?

    I would think if you are right about this, that the new version would look awful, that doesn’t seen to be what the consensus is. Have you seen it? What do you think?

    So is this Imax Digital, or something else?

    Some YouTube users are saying it’s now 60 frames per second, what was it before? If they changed the playback speed, the ride is faster now, right? Or did they film it again- it sounds like there are maybe new details in the film and they did fly over Disneyland last year.

  2. I don’t think there are 8K projectors available, or at least, installed anywhere. One possible source of confusion is that there are 8K scanners; I was confused a couple years back at some blurbs for a rerelease of Lawrence of Arabia. It was scanned in 8K but projected in (at best) 4K, but the prominent mentions of 8K made me think for a while that it was the projection resolution. (I wasn’t in the US when it happened, so I couldn’t see it, but 70mm presentations in California are common enough that I don’t especially need to.)

    According to http://www.film-tech.com/ubb/f16/t000370.html , Soaring was 48fps. Perhaps they just did some funny business with the 48fps original to upscale (or whatever the word is) to 60fps, or as likely, this is 48fps and the youtubers are confused?

    in any case, i’d never gone to the park and the ride, and now i have little interest if it isn’t imax.

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