6 thoughts on “Movie Review – INTERSTELLAR”

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t weight at all into the politics of the film, which has come under fire from both the right (which doesn’t like the assumption that climate change occurs) and the left (which assumes the film ridicules the reductionist position of the climate change movement in favor of the science will be our salvation approach of people like William Happer). Given your recent foray into the politics of videogames, would be curious to know your thoughts.

    1. The reason I didn’t really get into any of that is because the film, at least to me, doesn’t really feel like it’s taking any sort of strong political stance. News pundits and the like LOVE to politicize popular movies, and sometimes they do pick up on legitimate themes, but I don’t think that’s the case with this one.

      In The Dark Knight, for instance, there are many interesting conversations we can have about the politics of that movie in regards to the Bush administration, government surveilance, response to terrorism, and the fact that it was released in a presidential election year. Interstellar, though, seems far less concerned with politics than it does advocating science, specifically space exploration, and commenting on Kubrick’s 2001. The idea that being “pro-science” is a political stance is simply indicative of the fact that American politics have descended into horrifying stupidity.

  2. i agree with you on pretty much all of your points. One of the most frustrating things for me watching this movie was the what you touched on in comparing Kubrick to Nolan. There were so many shots in Interstellar that were absolutely breathtaking, and then Nolan would cut way to early. I understand the idea of leaving the viewer wanting more, but many times we didn’t get enough. Overall, i loved it. Best hard scifi movie i’ve seen recently, and definately ranks among my favorites.

    1. Yeah, after watching it a second time I was amazed at how much time we spend inside spaceships. If they had taken some of that screen time and given it to space footage the movie would have had much more of that sense of wonder.

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