STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Gathering Forces”

3 thoughts on “STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Gathering Forces””

  1. Two notes. I actually found Ezra more Aladdin than Harry Potter. The entire street rat call out, not to mention that the character looks and sounds like Aladdin, is somewhat annoying.

    But I do love the way that Yoda is being slowly retconned into a bit of a flawed character, as illustrated (as you point out) by Kanan’s criticism of his teachings. Yoda was always problematic in various ways: the way he allowed Anakin to become the chosen one, that he did nothing to reform the corrupted Jedi movement, that he supported Palpatine’s militarization of the Jedi order, that he then went into hiding leaving others to carry on the rebellion, and that he toyed with Luke’s emotions by failing to tell him the truth. I always saw Yoda as an “emperor has no clothes” type figure and I’m glad they are calling him out on it. My suspicion is the new films will challenge our assumptions of the virtues of both the light and the dark.

    1. Yeah, I’m very interested to see where the sequel trilogy takes things. I love that they’re pulling the rug out from Under JEDI’s happy ending by having the war with the Galactic Empire continuing after the destruction of the Death Star II. Now Luke is in hiding very much the same way Yoda was and a former Stormtrooper is seeking him out. There’s so much fertile ground for storytelling in that set-up and its all very exciting.

      1. Come to think of it they’ve surrounded Ezra with Aladdin’s entourage. Kanan supplies the magic and mentor role of the genii, while Chomper provides the comedy. The ship and the pilot are the magic carpet. The inquisitor is Jafar. Zeb is Abu, both in furriness and as a friend that gets Ezra in trouble. I’m wondering if that makes Sabine Jasmine.

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