STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Call to Action”

2 thoughts on “STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Call to Action””

  1. “Lucas’ claim to the grand six movie plan”. For what it’s worth, I remember in grade school reading an interview with Lucas in one of those academic readers shortly after Empire was released. In it, he laid out the grand Star Wars story arc including prequels. He talked about the final film and how it would be set in the forest of the Wookies (later changed to Ewoks) and have Luke revisit the achievement which made him a hero and would tell us more about the Emperor. He talked about the battle between Vader and Obi-Wan over a lava planet and Vader burning. And he talked about how the first film would take us back to Tatooine, meet a Fairie Queen and a space (later pod) race. He specifically mentioned numerous films (including prequels…don’t recall if he said six specifically), but that the tech, length, and other interests precluded him from doing all the films. I remember the boys in the class being very disappointed (they were constantly arguing over whether Vader was Luke’s father). So, not proof that he foresaw six films from the beginning, but he did have a larger story arc (including prequels) in mind by about the time of Empire.

    1. Right, but all of that came *after* EMPIRE. Going back to the first movie, it’s very clear that this larger mythology hadn’t been established yet, in fact Vader’s being Luke’s father was a fairly late addition to the screenplay of EMPIRE.

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