Attraction Review – VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF

One thought on “Attraction Review – VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF”

  1. “Interactivity is the wave of the future for theme parks”. Counter-point. I’d argue passive interactivity is the waive of the future for theme parks. Think more that adventureland trading co game or the menehune trail at aulani than legends of frontierland. I’ve mentioned some reasons before: the lawyers hate veering off carefully crafted and vetted scripts…the bean counters don’t believe there is much by way of cost benefit. But ultimately you can see why by visiting any renaissance faire. At any renaissance faire there will be people who want to be creators and participants in the creative process (and join the guilds to do so), there will be people who are really into it and show up in character, there are people who show up in costume on a lark but are mostly there to be seen, and there are people who are there just to watch and don’t want to get involved. Theme parks don’t want to turn off or offend anyone. They don’t want memories of a family where the kids really want to do something, but dad doesn’t and feels stupid, and the family has a bad experience. And so passive interactivity will dominate…that allows people who don’t want to invest as much or who feel silly an out.

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