3 thoughts on “Movie Review – TOMORROWLAND”

  1. Bird’s position becomes quite clear when you take Ratatouille and combine it with the Incredibles and Tomorrowland. He is an objectivist light. He doesn’t believe that the gods should take everything for themselves and everyone else is SOL. He believes that with great power also comes a responsibility to do good (hence the insurance scene in The Incredibles). At the same time, it’s up to the mortals to recognize their betters and let them be free to be who they can be. Ratatouille sums up the philosophy the best which isn’t quite objectivism. It’s not that every single person can cook. Quite clearly neither Ego nor Linguini can…the idea that we are all equal is shown to be quite clearly wrong. But in Ratatouille he argues the successful can come from even the lowest of the low (a kitchen rat)…and it doesn’t matter where he came from, he is still the best and should be allowed to shine (without the strictures of rat society or human prejudices which stand in the way). It’s a much more optimistic take than the Randian original and a distinct evolution in the philosophy…all 3 films form a unified philosophical whole. You also have to look at it through the lens that the films are not so much a defense of objectivism, but rather a criticism of progressivism and it’s ideals of equality.

  2. Thanks. Just watched it, and you basically lay out what I thought to be a very confusing second half of the film.

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