5 thoughts on “Movie Review – STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS”

  1. Great review! I agree that the over abundance of elements pulled from the original trilogy was a little much, but it didn’t see it as such a bad thing. I wanted this movie to be an introduction for Star Wars to a new generation, and I think it served did so with flying colors.

    My absolute favorite part about this movie is how it treats the stories of the original trilogy in the same way that trilogy treated the stories before it. There’s this incredible sense of mystery about what happened with Luke and the empire. Things like Vader’s mask, the fallen AT-AT, and Luke’s saber will leave younger viewers as mystefied by the universe was we were with the first movie.

    By the end of the movie I was so incredibly excited for the future of the series, which is all I wanted from this one.

    1. Yeah, it’s interesting to think about it from the perspective of new inductees to this galaxy because I think some of the stuff is imbued with the sense of mythic wonder you’re describing while other stuff is just throw-away nostalgia gags. I found myself rolling my eyes just about as often as I was appreciating the new sense of import an object was given.

  2. Amazing review. I agree with absolutely all of it. Its a movie I loved so very much but would have loved to like even more. But the fact the movie doesn’t earn itself its own merit and just acts as the warmup to a much bigger story and the elements rehashed for om the original bog it down. Starkiller Base literally serves no important purpose and is just as disposable as both Death Stars were.

    Its a near perfect movie which few, but major flaws. But it is a wonderful return to the franchise that I adored and immediately left me craving more.

  3. I have a theory regarding TFA’s point-for-point similarity with the original trilogy, and it’s that this is a calculated move to win back the fans who were soured by the prequels. “It’s okay…this is the Star Wars you remember,” the movie says. And now, having established that, future films in the franchise will be free to branch out and take the story in surprising directions.

    At least I hope that’s what the deal is. And I completely agree with your more recent article–it will be much more satisfying and appropriate if Rey is *not* Luke’s daughter than if she is. I think she obviously *is*…but maybe that’s a red herring. We can hope?

    1. Yeah, the overly reverential references to the original trilogy were absolutely an attempt to win back disillusioned fans, though I think it’s also representative of the way Abrams’ tendencies as a filmmaker. I hope that with Rian Johnson, EPISODE VIII takes us off in some new directions while still paying off on what worked in the previous films.

      As for EPISODE IX, I have a lot less confidence in Colin Trevorrow.

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