STAR WARS REBELS Season One and How STAR WARS Was Saved

One thought on “STAR WARS REBELS Season One and How STAR WARS Was Saved”

  1. Wow, this is an incredible well-written explanation of “Rebels”. I think in comparison, “Clone Wars” had the bigger challenge because of the storytelling problems of the prequels and having to explain and almost re-tell the story “behind the scenes” about the downfall of Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi Order. And because it was geared to an older audience and had a more violent atmosphere, “Clone Wars” could take certain risks with storytelling. I confess I watched seasons 1 and 2 of “Rebels” before getting into “Clone Wars” so the former show was also my way into understanding Star Wars beyond the films.

    In comparison, “Rebels” has tragic moments but I think it, as you said, tries to recapture some of the optimism from the original saga. Tragedy inflicts the life of Ezra Bridger and his companions but these are external loses that do not mark them as bitter/resentful beings. Ezra gets some flack, I think fair criticism, for being a trouble-making teenager. His blundering into errors over four seasons may try patience of some fans. But for the younger generation he’s meant to the window into the Force, as Luke was for another generation. Ezra is sensitive and well-intended but this leaves his heart easily exposed for the Dark Side; Kanan as his surrogate father and the Ghost crew as a surrogate family help to balance and round him out. It takes time but he *does* learn what it means to be responsible for his own actions and how they will impact those around him.

    If you liked season one, I think you’ll be pleased with how the show progresses.

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