I Watched STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS So You Don’t Have To

8 thoughts on “I Watched STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS So You Don’t Have To”

  1. Agree with you on the Clone Wars, but disagree with you on the prequels. Episode ii was the worst of the films. Episode i was bad but was dragged down by Jar Jar…the Jar
    Jar free cut showed that. Episode vi was next…made the entire trilogy ridiculous to have the big bad empire dragged down by a bunch of teddy bears. Episode iii wasn’t bad…wasn’t good either, but still better than vi. The original was o.k. but without the appeal of being something original never before seen, it’s still a film with a lot of flaws. The only really great film was the Empire Strikes Back. Final count: the original trilogy had 2 “good” films and 1 bad one. The prequels 1 “good” one and 2 bad ones. If that makes the original better than the prequels o.k., but they aren’t vastly superior.

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