STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Path of the Jedi”

3 thoughts on “STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Path of the Jedi””

  1. Great article, but gave me a horrible thought. I’ve written before about the annoying aspect to the show are all the Aladdin call outs. With this episode, we even got to see the cave of wonders. Ezra has around him counterparts for all the major Aladdin characters (except princess Jasmine). Perhaps Jasmine is intended to be Sabine…but what if Princess Leia is really intended to be princess Jasmine? If so, we would see her introduced at the end of this season. The Doc approves of this series, but like Return of the Jedi, I worry it may go horribly wrong at the end. Return of the Jedi wasn’t too bad until it falls apart at the end with the nonsensical space battle, teddy bears defeating the empire, and the plot by Sidious which makes no sense. You wrote earlier that perhaps they are trying to retcon the entire “there is another” line to mean Ezra. Things will end either badly for Ezra and the crew (if they are to remain true to the original series) or they’ll have to retcon the “there is another”line.

    1. I read recently that the Lucasfilm Animation team has another show planned that will be set during the same period as the new sequel trilogy, and that REBELS will only be four seasons long. That seems to indicate that they have some kind of ending planned, and I would not be surprised if Kanan bites it before the end of the series. As for Ezra, who knows? I doubt that’d they’d go so dark as to kill off *both* of the series’ Jedi characters, but Ezra surviving doesn’t jive with Yoda’s “when gone am I, the last of the Jedi you will be.” line in JEDI. Maybe Ezra will end up going into hiding the same way Kanan did and Yoda will no longer feel his presence in the Force.

      As for Leia, if she does show up, I can’t imagine it’d be often enough to be a serious love interest for Ezra. Maybe a one-time guest spot, but not a reoccurring role. They’re definitely setting up Sabine as a romantic partner for Ezra.

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