STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Idiot’s Array”

2 thoughts on “STAR WARS REBELS Review – “Idiot’s Array””

  1. The Doc disagrees. This was one of his favorite episodes. In his words, a pig creature that gets fat, what’s not to love. From his perspective, he likes the smorgasbord of different tones in episodes– ranging from the dramatic, to action packed, to silly. He thinks Doctor Who is similar– he appreciates the drama of some episodes, but also wants a mix of destroyed Daleks, along with silly things like tin dogs and walking fat creatures. It’s why he’s fond of those series (and Marvel) but doesn’t really get into DC or Star Trek.

    As for me, while the series isn’t as painful to watch as Clone Wars, I don’t think it reaches the levels you think it does. Besides plain silly bubble gum episodes like this one, the series has a lot of things that don’t work on an adult level. We’ve talked about the ongoing Aladdin homage, but also things like they make the Empire look like a bunch of bumbling idiots (if Palpatine hadn’t destroyed the Jedi, and later Leia’s planet, they’d have no street cred), or the at times hokey and simplistic dialogue.

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