Movie Review – STRANGE MAGIC

3 thoughts on “Movie Review – STRANGE MAGIC”

  1. I think this review of their relationships was very judgmental. The intent the author had in mind was, “one should look outside the boundaries set by society and find love for who a person is and not what they look like”. I thought that message was a great one, but it particularly one that will be rejected by most European Americans, as I’m sure they are repulsed by the thought of another race being their equal….

    1. BJ, the message was a ‘good’ one. It was just totally butchered. And please don’t pull the, ‘if you don’t like it, you’re racist’ card here. Sunny was literally the only plot-relevent POC character in a film about magical creatures that could have had any skin color or hair texture the creators desired, and he played off of a lot of negative stereotypes. The message is being rejected because people are getting tired of the, ‘beauty is on the inside!” message only applying to the dudes. (Also, using goblins and elves to represent POC when the tall, conventionally pretty fairies are all white is kind of gross.)

  2. Edit: The Sugar Plum fairy was also POC-coded. So… two POC characters instead of just one. Cool beans.

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