STAR WARS REBELS Season Two Panel and First Look

3 thoughts on “STAR WARS REBELS Season Two Panel and First Look”

  1. Did they say who the female inquisitor is? They seem to be going out of their way to keep it secret (They seem to be importing a whole lot of Clone Wars…hope its not Asajj Ventriss or even worse, Mara Jade). The entire inquisitor thing is a bit worrisome for the new films…so far they haven’t really impressed much…if they’ll be front and center in the new films, hopefully they’ll be flushed out as more than second rate flunkies.

    1. They didn’t say anything about the new Inquisitors in the panel, and they were also very tight-lipped about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role in the press room afterwards. It’s possible that the two are related (i.e. Fellas is voicing the lady Inquisitor), but that’s just speculation.

      It’s also possible that she could be Ventress, but I find that unlikely. When we last left her in The Clone Wars, it really seemed like they were starting to transition her into the role of anti-hero. I guess we’ll see what happens in the new book they’re releasing focussed on her, but I don’t see her winding up as an Inquisitor. Also, Mara Jade will never, ever show up in the new canon because Lucasfilm is intentionally trying to distance themselves from the old EU.

      I agree that they need to make sure these new Inquisitors aren’t just nameless goons that are thrown at our heroes when Vader isn’t around, but I also understand their function. They need to have other enemies besides Vader in the show, or else it makes Vader look weak when the heroes keep getting away. While Vader’s clearly being established as the “big bad” of this season, I’m sure we’ll also get our fair share of episodes focussing on Kallus, Tarkin, the Inquisitors, and probably others.

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